Matsuri Kurabu Sake

This sake is perfect for a luxurious moment, defining a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Product:Matsuri Kurabu Sake

Type of Sake Rice:Matsuri bare

Rice Polishing Ratio:60%


We were searching for an ideal type of rice, which is easy to harvest, makes fine sake and has durability. In 1996 we went to the agricultural agency in our local Yasaka region. We were introduced to “Matsuri Bare” variety by the engineer.
It was an ideal rice for our criteria、more than “Nihon Bare rice*1”.

*1Nihon Bare rice – Around 90’s the rice was one of common rice to brew sake.


At the time we had considered to produce Matsuri as Jumai-Daiginjyo and not a Kurabu Junmai. We requested that Mr. Yoshida harvest it locally. He tried to do so with minimal pesticides and applied less nitrogen to prevent an abundance of proteins. In 1998 we announced the release of Rakan Shu*2, the first sake made from the rice. Over time we studied the sake produced from Matsuri Bare, and considered which options would provide the best future for it. As a result we opted for the Yamashikikomi*3 method.

*2 Rkan shu-Matured Jumai Daiginjyo, it has unique label that each labels are hand drawn by a monk.


In 2000, we started production using the Yamahaishikomi method but it didn’t develop as we had expected. We formed a blend with another regular sake after production. Five years later, having made constant efforts to improve our method, we finally received positive assessments from the Osaka Sake Tasting Festival. Around this time we decided to sell it as Yamahai Junmai sake, in two current varieties: YASAKAZURU YAMAHAI JUNMAI (60%) and YAMAHAI JUNMAI (70%).


In 2006, ducks became an integral part of our efforts to keep our crops free from harmful insects. This was overseen by Mr. Yoshida. In 2007, we brewed the first Yamahai Junmai sake using Matsuri Bare rice that had been invigilated by the ducks. The following year, after a long period of steady efforts, we finally approved the sake to become part of the KURABU brand. In 2009 the Matsuri Kurabu won the gold medal in the Kimoto Yamahai Category in the International Sake Challenge. In autumn 2009, we eagerly await the completion of the next Matsuri Kurabu.


In 2010, we received a gold medal from the National Sake Exhibition in the U.S. Yet again this year we are continuing our challenge…