Takeno Brewery

Our purpose is to produce the finest quality sake, share prosperity in our region and contribute to a happier community.

 We want to maintain our identity as a regional sake brewery and stay connected with the members of our community. Once this connection is made we hope it will be transferred, person to person beyond the limits of Japan, to the world.
In order to demonstrate how precious our community is, our company should perform a positive role from within it. We care for it as we care for the earth.

Direction of the management.

 That the ideas above should guide the management of Takeno Brewery. Our company policy:

  • To always put the customer first and create the finest possible products.
  • To provide an atmosphere of creative vitality for our employees to foster their self improvement.
  • To maintain a strong bond with all those who share the companys prospects and not lose sight of the company principles.

The Foundation of Takeno Brewery

We hope those who enjoy our products, will clearly discover our commitment to the pursuit of harmony between people and come to trust our company ideas. Therefore we encourage our customers to have confidence in both the quality of our products and the morality surrounding their conception.
The staff of Takeno brewery limited will be faithful to these foundations in every aspect of our daily routine and will adhere to them each step of the way.